Talent Onboarding & Head hunting Recruitment

Employing a candidate with the company is very crucial, and who better than the client himself to tell us their expectations about the candidate. To make sure that client requirement meet the most excellent talent of candidate profile, We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in a prospect, and we interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients

Plan recruitment
Resume searching and screening
One on One Interview and short listing of candidates

One on One Interview and shortlisting of candidates Any company that has a vacancy, either immediate or casual, will benefit from our alliance. We put through the companies to the right candidates, after checking all the requirements and eligibility criteria. That is supported by a structured pre-interviewing process where candidates are screened based on their qualifications, aptitude, experience, job skills, interest areas, etc. This ensures the eradication of any kind of loopholes in the recruitment process.

Employer’s review for further final process
Candidates are finalized as per JD (job description)
Scheduling for Client interview and offer letter to selected candidates
Seize the process with follow-up and Customer relationship management

We have a personalized approach wherein the Jaguar team meets selected candidates and provides him/her with a broad view of the client’s business and his/her growth opportunities therein. This results in an informed choice and a satisfied employee as well as organization. AIM has expertise in recruiting professional for Marketing, Sales, Human Resources, Administrative, Corporate Finance, Manufacturing, Engineering, Information Technology and Others. In nutshell, we offer our recruitment, HR and manpower services to all types of industries.